Student Use of Computer Technology @ L-S

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District provides access for students to a variety of computer and networking technologies – such as desktop, laptop, and mobile devices for use as needed in school; Google accounts associated with an L-S email address; and open Internet access – for educational purposes (e.g., to increase communication, enhance productivity, provide information to the community, and assist staff and students in upgrading existing skills and acquiring new skills through a broader exchange of information).

L-S has an informal bring your own device (BYOD) policy, meaning that students are not required to bring their own computing device, but are allowed to bring personal computing devices to school and access the network services at L-S. Students using their own computer technology are expected to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy of the district (link to AUP) and the L-S Core Values. Students who plan to bring any personal property to the school should be aware of the safety and security of their belongings, including technology.

Many teachers at L-S use a variety of digital tools in their classrooms. Teachers understand that many students will not have their own computer, so when they have designed a lesson that requires the use of computers, they may take their class to a computer lab or use one of their department’s sets of laptops.

The L-S library has a couple dozen desktops for students to use during free time and they also have several Chromebooks that can be checked out by individual students on a daily, first-come-first-serve basis.