Educational Technology Director (Dennis Phillips – 0.5 FTE): Prepares budgets, state reports, planning, daily operations regarding network, hardware & software

Instructional Technology Specialists (Jim Berry – 0.75 FTE, Meghan Notari – 0.25 FTE) Working with staff and students integrating digital learning tools to assist in both teaching and learning. Support, coach, and team teach with staff.

  • Network Administrator (Dave Walsh): Creating accounts, monitoring servers, network operations
  • Computer Technician (Dennis Phillips – 0.5 FTE): Hardware issues with computers & printers
  • Database Manager (Seth Weiss – 0.25): Student Information Management System (iPASS)
  • Departmental Labervisors  (Computer Lab and laptop signups, maintenance, inventory, local issues within department)

Language: Kim Schultz
History: David Grace, Conor Hanover, Tim Nikula
English: Katie Garland
Math: Jenn Dubois
Science: Maureen Bolton
FATA: Carol Padden & Paul Shultz
Wellness: Amanda Klein & Shawn Miller
Special Education: Mary Jane Walsh & Brian Fauvel

Web Site: Maintained by LS Web Team (a group of students and staff) with faculty advisors Shari Idelson, Dennis Phillips, and Aaron Schine