A Brief User’s Guide to L-S

L-S prides itself on being accessible to parent’s concerns, complaints, and suggestions.  When a parent is wrestling with a simple and specific question, it is important to know whom to call, when to call, and whether to call.  Here is some information that should prove useful to you.

The school is organized in a House system to help provide comprehensive and personalized services to students and families.  Students are divided equally among the Houses, and each House Office consists of an Associate Principal, Guidance Counselors, and a House Assistant.  Student mailboxes are located in the House Office.  Most of your contact with the school is likely to be with the staff in your child’s House Office.

The Associate Principal serves as the Principal for your children.  You should feel free to call the Associate Principal with specific questions or concerns, or simply to get advice as to how best to proceed.  When you have a problem and aren’t sure what to do, the Associate Principal is the ideal person to call.

The House Assistants handle attendance, lockers, mailboxes, etc.  They are often the main point of contact between students and the House Office, and are excellent sources of information for students and parents.

If you have questions or concerns that relate to what is happening in class, it is always best to call the teacher first.   It is advisable to have your son or daughter speak with the teacher first to try to get his or her questions answered.

If you would like to talk about your son’s or daughter’s overall schedule, well-being, progress, or any other more personal issues, you should call the Guidance Counselor, who is located in the House Office.

If you have concerns about safety, emotional well-being, family issues, or other sensitive areas, you may call the Clinical Counselor.

If you want to know about overall curricular issues in a department, you should call the Department Coordinator.

If students wish to participate in extracurricular activities or athletics, or if you have questions or concerns about these areas, please contact the Director of Athletics and Activities.

Link to Contact Page – http://www.lsrhs.net/sites/contacts/

Link to Staff Directory – https://ipass.lsrhs.net/school/ipass/staffdirectory.html