L-S Information Services Overview

The Communication Department provides audio and visual equipment for staff members.  Faculty may sign out equipment, request video taping of educational programs and have access to an extensive video library.  The communications staff provides support and training in the uses of audio and visual equipment and assists in projects for extracurricular activities.  Many town and school activities and performances rely heavily upon the expertise provided by the Communications Department, creating a positive link between school and community.

The Library has a fine collection of print resources accessible to students and staff members at L-S, as well as town residents.  Its responsibilities include maintaining and updating the print collection to support curriculum needs, instructing students and faculty in research skills, and overseeing the administration of a busy high school library. The library program has successfully integrated technology and continues to add to its catalog which aims to expand its access to the school-wide Macintosh network.  Additionally the library offers a variety of on-line research databases in collaboration with public libraries.  Currently there are 22 student workstations in the main libray.  An instructional room is available for the librarians and faculty members to conduct classes in research skills complete with a Smart Board and LCD projector.

The Computer Technology Department
consists of the Educational Technology Director, an Instructional Technology Specialist, a Network Administrator, and Computer Technician.  This department is responsible for maintaining and servicing the computer technology infrastructure, servers, and Google Suite environment.  The computer technology staff maintains 1200 desktop and laptop computers along with 200 printers throughout the building in computer laboratories, classrooms, special education areas and offices.  Departments have carts of laptops for use with their classes.  A wireless network enhances the fiber optic network in the school. The computer technology department is responsible for the professional development in computer training for all L-S staff members.