Knowledge of another language develops your sensitivity to, and your understanding of other peoples and their cultures. On a more practical level, it also enhances your career options. Whether you enter social services, work for the U. S. government, global industry or become a literary scholar or artist, foreign language skills will advance you in your profession and create new options for you.

To communicate effectively in a foreign language, you must study beyond the beginning level. Instruction at the beginning level and/or beyond is offered in French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin.  For course information, please consult the Program of Studies found here.  Language course listings can be found on pages 86-91 of the Program of Studies 2018-19.

Beyond classroom learning, language department extras include club activities, exchange opportunities, and the annual Declamation Competition.  Further information can be found in these web pages or may be shared by individual classroom teachers.  Please contact the department coordinator, Joan Campbell with any questions.