The German program at Lincoln Sudbury is rich and exciting, and is a great launching pad for those who are interested in pursuing this language in college and beyond!  The classes teach not only the language, but also culture using movies, music, theatre, literature and even cooking as a part of the learning process. Beyond the classroom, there is German Club, and the German Exchange program (GAPP).  The German program at LS provides students with an opportunity to apply their skills in an authentic setting through participation in our exchange program with the Gymnasium Vilshofen in Germany. Students in German 2 and 3 are eligible to participate in this program.  German students also participate in the annual Declamation Contest, an oratory competition in which students learn and perform a written piece in the language they are studying. Additionally, there are summer study opportunities for LS students through the PASCH program.  Students may either participate in a language course in German or in a German immersion summer camp in North America. Lincoln Sudbury was selected as a PASCH school in 2010 in recognition of its leadership in the teaching of German in the US.


GAPP, the German American Partnership Program, and “enables cultural exchanges between schools in the US and Germany. Annually, about 9,000 students go abroad with a GAPP exchange. GAPP, Inc. is dedicated to the  initiation and development of student exchange programs between the United States and Germany, inspiring intercultural understanding, promoting German language instruction and motivating personal friendships.”


Ten Years of GAPP:  LSRHS & Gymnasium Vilshofen



PASCH Program, PASCH stands for the “Schools: Partners for the Future” initiative. It is a global network of some 1,800 schools that place a high value on German.  PASCH is an initiative of the (German) Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA), the Goethe-Institut (GI), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Educational Exchange Service of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (PAD).

Through PASCH, students may attend courses in Germany, and may be eligible for scholarships to study at German Universities.  Both students and teachers can make contact and improve their German and related knowledge with other German learners and speakers through  Schools receive assistance in partnership-building and pupil exchange with schools in Germany.  Partner schools network with German universities with a view to their graduates’ subsequent studies.  German Universities welcome foreign students, and are significantly less expensive than the typical American university or college.