Aspen is Lincoln-Sudbury’s student information system. Aspen assists Lincoln-Sudbury staff to maintain and communicate student information. Teachers may use Aspen for grades, lesson plans, and/or class forums. Some teachers choose to give students access to grades, homework assignments, and other course material on Aspen. Lincoln-Sudbury supports the decision of each teacher to determine how he or she will use these features with students.

What is available in Aspen for the L-S student?

Each student at L-S has an Aspen Portal account. Each L-S student will be able to view:

  • their current year’s schedule
  • their attendance records (daily and period)
  • any owed fees and assets
  • their own biographical profile to verify student address, etc.
  • any warnings submitted through Aspen for any course taken at L-S
  • their own term and semester grades for each year they attend L-S
  • their grade and credit history sorted by department

L-S is committed to empowering our students to make the best possible decisions during their high school years. The Aspen tools are meant to help each L-S student – in consultation with their parents, teachers, and counselors – make sound decisions concerning their course selections and educational focus at L-S and beyond.


How do I log on?

You can log on to Aspen’s Student Portal at

  • enter your login (last name, first initial, and year of graduation – just like your gmail account, without the
  • enter password


If you have trouble logging in, try the “I forgot my password” link or talk with a teacher or your house office.